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Let Your Love Grow
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    Let Your Love Grow

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    Part # T9102014

    * Choose Size:
    Small (Suitable for houseplant- 10 cubic inches of remains)$50.00
    Medium (Suitable for a large container-20 cubic inches of remains)$70.00
    Large (Suitable for a bush or small tree-30 cubic inches of remains)) $90.00
    XLarge (Suitable for a tree or large plant outdoors) $110.00


    The Let Your Love Grow kits are designed to assist in creating the perfect memorial
    to reflect the life of a pet or human. The kits come complete with the organic mixture,
    directions for use, a biodegradable measuring scoop and a biodegradable cylinder that
    can be buried with the mixture of the organic soil and cremated remains. The cylinder
    can also be recycled and the mixture can be placed directly into a flower pot, container,
    or directly into the earth. The mixture can be used with new or existing plants.

    This is a specially blended organic matter that will allow the cremation ash to become part
    of the environment in a safe and natural way. Cremation ash by itself is toxic to plant life
    and soil composition. The pH of cremation ash is extremely high and the sodium content levels
    are toxic to any type of plant. Let Your Love Grow will do what soils and potting soils are
    not capable of doing, lower the pH and assist in diluting the sodium.