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Teddy Bear Keepsake Urn
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    Teddy Bear Keepsake Urn

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    Pictured are the three Teddy Bear Keepsake Urn colors we offer (Brown, White and Tan).
    Each Bear has a Velcro opening in the bottom for the easy installation of your pet’s ashes (about 10 cubic inches of remains).
    We can install the remains of a small pet (1-4lbs) or a small portion to serve as a keepsake urn. A small plastic container included
    with each Bear for holding a small quantity of ashes while inside the urn.

    Each Bear is approx. 13” left-to-right, 12” tall and 9” front-to-back.

    These beautifully made Teddy Bear urns are the perfect urn for those individuals looking for a huggable
    memorial which they can display and remember with daily affection. This urn design is preferred by parents struggling
    with the challenge of lessening the pain and loss experienced by their small children and young adults.
    As a keepsake urn, many families divide their pet’s ashes amongst different family members and purchase multiple Teddy Bears.